Tips For Properly Inflating Tires

Tire inflation is an element that should not be underestimated in car maintenance. Driving with under-inflated tires increases the chances of having a road accident, but it also means overconsuming fuel in a period when prices are high, as well as running the risk of having to pay. a fine in the event of control by the police. In addition, a tire that is under pressure wears out more quickly and will need to be changed more often than regularly inflated tires. This is more than enough reason to regularly take an interest in the state of tire inflation.

The first reflex to have is to consult the user manual of your vehicle, which indicates how much the rear tires and those of the front must be inflated. However, the indications in the manuals concerning the inflation of the tires are given for cold tires, i.e., tires that have not been driven for two hours or which have driven 3 km at a reduced speed, while very often our tires are hot. To be in optimal conditions, the driver must add 0.3 bar of pressure compared to the indications in the manual: so if the recommended pressure for your vehicle is 2.1 bar for cold tires, you can actually go up to 2.4 bar. Moreover, if you check the inflation of the tires while they are hot and you find a value greater than 2.4 to use the previous example, do not deflate hot tires, it’s bad. Note that tire brands do not change the pressure for your car.

You Should Also Know That Inflation May Vary Depending On Different Reasons:

  • +0.3 bar if you have to take the motorway for more than two hours.
  • +0.4 bar or even more (see the vehicle manual) if your car tows a trailer or a caravan.
  • +0.2 bar compared to the current pressure in winter due to low temperatures.

Do Not Over-Inflate The Tires.

Faced with the regular and natural deflation of the tires, one might be tempted to over-inflate the tires. Be careful, this reduces the contact surface with the ground and stiffens the sidewalls: the handling of the vehicle, its comfort, the wear of the tires are all modified.

Don’t Forget To Check The Pressure Of The Spare Tire.

The spare wheel is not always accessible. When possible, and when servicing the vehicle, check the pressure of the spare tire. Its pressure should be equal to the highest pressure recommended for the front and rear tires of the vehicle, increased by 0.3 bar.

Make Sure There Are Valve Caps On All The Wheels.

The valve cap is an essential sealing element. It protects the inside of the valve from damage caused by dirt and thus makes it easier to re-inflate the tires.

For A Tire Inflated With Nitrogen, Follow The Same Rules As With Air.

The gum mixes are slightly tighter with respect to nitrogen than to air. A tire inflated with nitrogen deflates more slowly but also requires regular monitoring. The rules and advice are given for inflating tires with air all apply.

Mobile Photo Editing Applications – b612 Is Here

Mobile Photo Editing Applications – b612 Is Here

Creating and capturing memories has been one of the favourite things that humans do. Earlier it was the paintings and hand-drawn sketches that served the purpose. Now it is all in the hands of technology. A device with an image sensor and can capture the amount of light and patterns that are entering it is called a camera 10kb app. This is what is being used by us today to preserve the good times that we live. For those who do not have a full-fledged camera, we have a smartphone with a tiny little hole at the back from which light enters, which can be captured. Let us discuss it.

Is B612 a Chinese app? Find out more about this selfie filter app


Why people use third-party camera applications?

Be it an image captured by a smartphone or by a camera, everyone wants to look good in them. And that is where the smart applications and filters come into play. An image filter is a colour tint that changes the entire shade of the image. Essentially, it can make you look fairer or darker in an image. Smart applications are apps that can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones. What these do is that, after clicking the photograph, they slightly edit the photograph and make you look the best. If you want to get the software, search the internet for b612 free download.

Most Popular Korean Selfie App of 2020 - KoreaTravelPost


What can these applications do?

The following are a few things that you can do in this application-

  • They can make your face look slimmer
  • They can remove all the blemishes that a person may have on his face
  • They can brighten the skin tone in a picture
  • They can add cinema-style effects to your photograph
  • They can even add more detail and make it look like a professionally clicked photograph

All in all, they can completely change your look and enhance your looks. One such application is b612. The mobile photography application was launched a few years back, and since then, the developers have taken care of the needs of the users. The app became famous for the animated effects that it introduced in photos. For example, you are clicking a photo, and if you enable one of these filters, there might be a dinosaur standing behind you, or your eyes can look like those of a rabbit. Some people think that cats are cute and hence they like can enable the filter, and have whiskers on cheeks like the cat. You can get a b612 free download from the app store of your smartphone. People love their different looks. Who does not want to look fairer and have an even tone? 


All this is possible with the help of such apps. People do not have to wait for the good skin days to get their pictures clicked. Now they can manage somehow, and the rest is all taken care of by these applications. If you also want to click good pictures of yourself, get a b612 free download from the app store of your device.

Why Online Slot Is Best Amongst All Games?

If you get bored you all choose to watch movies and then sleep right? But how long you will do the same? To refresh you alone online slot 1bet2u came into existence. Especially in the lockdown period slot games are the huge relief from the stress. If you spend some time and play slot games then you will earn money. Actually it’s cool, all had a dream of earning money by playing for sure. To help those slots available online. You can easily access it and then start to play the game. You know it is easy to play all it takes some betting amount. The betting amount will also get differ from the game as well as the format you choose.

A lot more tournaments:

The most important thing you want to notice in the online slot is that so many numbers of tournaments. You no need to pay anything other than the betting cost. The betting cost will be taken from the wallet. Thus you ought to deposit some amount in the wallet before going to bet a game. Through the free tournaments, you can play any games you want. That’s why you need to choose it. At the same time, you ought to be much focused while betting since the betting games needs to play in the proper way. Only you play wise you can win the game.

So many games:

A lofty of games on the platform is what the second most thing you want to notice. There are so many numbers of games that are accessible on the site. Just click one which you want to play and if you don’t like it then step out that moment itself. This is what the convenience of the online games. You no need to spend a lot of money and you know it is easy for you to bet then play. From the massive counts of the games, all you need to do is clicking on the game you will win. At the same time, the betting amount also ought to decide based on your affordability. If you have confidence then bet more money.

You are the boss:

Like the land casino, there is no one to monitor you in the online slot you are the one who wants to decide when you need to play and then the place as well. Obviously, in the land slot game center, you need to adjust so many things such as drinking the beverages offered by the stadium. Reaching the center on time and then spending a lot of time in the betting portal and so on. That’s why you ought to choose online slot games. You alone need to decide when to play, where to play, and importantly how to play. If you look at the security features online then its are high end. You no need to worry at any cost. At the same time, you are all set to save your bank details as well. 

Changing Your Tires In Winter: Snow Tires Or All-Season Tires?

For obvious safety reasons, the authorities and professionals in the tire industry recommend abandoning standard tires in favor of snow tires or even 4-season tires when temperatures drop below 7 ° C. And for a good reason, the rubber of standard tires tends to harden with the cold, thus reducing their efficiency, but also and above all their grip on the ground. But the question then arises: should we use snow tires or all-season tires in winter? Find some answers in this article.

Snow Tires

To drive in complete safety during the cold season, there are certified “winter” tires that many people simply call snow tires.

Unlike other European countries, changing your tires for winter tire bands is not yet compulsory across the country. Indeed, having tires suitable for snow is only compulsory in France in certain areas deemed to be at risk. This is particularly the case in mountainous regions. It can cost up to 40% more than a standard tire; a snow tire differs by its much softer compound, which can remain flexible even when temperatures are at their lowest. It also has deeper grooves that allow the better evacuation of water, mud, and snow, which optimizes its grip. Its tread also has sipes that grip better on a snowy or icy road and which consequently offers better traction in winter conditions.

There Are Mainly Two Types Of Winter Certified Tires:

  • Alpine winter tires: they are designed for the winter conditions of Western Europe and thus adapt perfectly to cold, wet and snowy roads.
  • Nordic tires: they are designed to withstand the harshest winters where temperatures can reach -40 ° C and are suitable for often icy roads. These are real snow tires.

4 Season Tires

As the name suggests, all-season tires are tires that can be used all year round, whether it’s hot or cold. These are hybrid pneumatic bands with a more versatile operating range than standard tires and certified winter tires. This type of tire is at ease both at -10 ° C to 30 ° C.

They have the advantage of being much quieter and more efficient than winter tires at temperatures above 7 ° C, that is to say on dry and wet roads. However, although they offer adequate safety and mobility below these temperatures, they still perform less well than winter tires when it comes to driving in very cold conditions. But by opting for all-season tires, you will be financially a winner. Indeed, it will come back to you much cheaper than buying summer tires and winter tires. In addition, it will simplify your life because you will not have to change tires when the season changes.

The choice of tires will therefore depend mainly on your budget as well as the region where you live.